What and who are we looking for?

Working for Navigator Partners includes identifying with our core values. You need to be customer-oriented, enjoy carrying responsibility, be precise in what you say and do, and have an open and friendly attitude towards others. In addition, you need to understand the importance of time management and carrying out client duties on time.

In building a professional, responsible and successful personnel, we recognise the importance of every member. We believe in communication, motivation and support among the people who work for us, as this helps us meet our goals and fulfil our clients’ expectations on a continuing basis.

If you find the above to be important to you as well, and you believe our values are sound, you will probably fit in perfectly. We are trying to run a tight ship and among the crew members the saying is: If you are there for us, we are there for you!

We are eager to be in contact with you and receive your application!